Print culture has long flourished in Aomori-City. The “Aomori International Print Triennale” has grown out of this tradition and seeks to contribute to the birth of new and innovative forms of this art form. It will do so by holding an international exhibition that provides a venue for cutting-edge artists to exhibit their innovative modern art as well as an opportunity for people from Japan and abroad to experience this artwork. Original artwork from artists throughout the world will be gathered through an open and public application process.


Aomori Print Triennale 2014 Organizing Committee



Acceptable Art Mediums

Pieces for which applications can be submitted: Flat (2-dimensional) artwork (paintings, photographs, illustrations, prints, etc.)

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There are no limitations regarding genre. However, artists must either use the exhibition space provided or find space themselves with the permission of the owner. Furthermore, the planned piece, following the “版/han” theme, must be something that can be funded under the conditions of the “Aomori Print Triennale 2014.” Finally, artists who are selected will be expected to produce their proposed piece.


The theme for all of art works that will be solicited through this open and public application process is/han. Taking the meaning of “版/han” in the broadest sense, it can refer to “propagation and replication” or “from absolute nothingness to limitlessness.” We leave the ultimate definition to the imagination of each artist.


Applications are open to artists of all ages and nationality.