Flat Media

Acceptable Art Mediums

Pieces for which applications can be submitted: Flat (2-dimensional) artwork (paintings, photographs, illustrations, prints, etc.)


The theme for all of art works that will be solicited through this open and public application process is/han.

Taking the meaning of “print/han” in the broadest sense, it can refer to “propagation and replication” or “from absolute nothingness to limitlessness.”

We leave the ultimate definition to the imagination of each artist.

Conditions for Entry

Maximum size: 150 x 150 cm

Maximum weight: 15 kg (including the temporary frame)

Frame – No thicker than 3cm. It must not be made of glass or acrylic.

Any piece found to be in breach of the rules would be removed from the competition. Additionally, any piece submitted for the second screening that is found to be in breach of the rules shall be similarly disqualified.

Artists are allowed to submit a maximum of three pieces.

Initial screening (Application inspection)

All applicants are required to complete the necessary sections of the application form for each piece, to which they must attach a printed photo (A4 or smaller; digital files will not be accepted) .

To enter two or more pieces, an application form is required for each piece.

For those submitting multiple entries in one envelope, be sure to separate your entries into sets using paper clips.

Each set should contain one application form, one photo and one self-addressed return envelope.

Entrants are required to submit one return envelope per entry.

The return envelope should be pre-addressed to your home address and have a ¥82 stamp affixed with the title of the entry piece written on the back of the envelope.

Applicants from outside Japan are not required to affix a stamp.

This envelope shall be used to send the results of the Initial screening as well as the documents required to apply for the 2nd screening.

Initial screening timeline:

April 1-11, 2014 – Application submission period for initial screening

April 12-13, 2014 – Application screening

The initial screening results will be sent out on April 14.

2nd screening:

Those who clear the Initial screening may apply for the 2nd screening by paying ¥5000 per entry (Please attach the documents that were sent at the time of the initial screening with the application and the piece to be examined at the 2nd screening.)

2nd screening timeline:

May 12-20, 2014 – Period for submitting the application and the piece

May 24-25, 2014 – 2nd screening

May 29 – All unsuccessful entries shall be returned by or before this date

Winning entries will be returned after September 28, 2014

Pieces sent from outside Japan: Please note that all works sent from outside Japan will not be returned.

Note: Prize-winning pieces will not be sent back to the artists.

Submissions fees/bank transfer details

1) ¥5000 submission fee for each piece. This is relevant only for applicants who have passed the initial screening and who will be submitting pieces for the 2nd screening.

2) Those who pass the initial screening will be informed of details at a later date.

Prizes for Submitted Pieces

MUNAKATA Shiko Grand Prize (1): ¥1.000.000

Sponsor Prize (number yet to be confirmed): ¥200,000 each

Prize-wining works will not be sent back to the artists.

Prize-winning pieces will become the possession of the Aomori Print Triennale 2014 organizing committee or one of the sponsors.

Application period

Media of Plane work:

MUNAKATA Shiko Grand Prize : 1 person : ¥1.000.000

Sponsor Prize :number to be confirmed: ¥200,000 each

The award-wining works will not be sent back to the artists.

Prize-winning pieces shall be gifted to the Aomori Print Triennale 2014 Committee or the sponsors.

Application period

Initial screening – Application(s) must be received between April 1 and April 11, 2014

2nd screening – Piece(s) must be received between May 12and May 20, 2014

Those who clear the initial screening shall be informed of where to deliver their piece(s) for the 2nd inspection.

We request that all those who reach the 2nd screening use one package per entry. Pieces entered will be returned in the same box they arrive in. The box should therefore be easy to open and to repack.

Please ensure that the submitted pieces will not be damaged during transit. (The committee will not reinforce the packaging when sending entries pack to the artists.)

At the top-right of the document for the 2nd submission entry, be sure to affix the official announcement received from the committee that attests to the fact that the piece has passed the initial screening.

This will enable the committee will know the origin of the piece (Also affix the relevant documents to the package you send your piece in).

Post submissions to:

Aomori Print Toriennare 2014 Organizing Committee

1-13-7 Shinmachi

2nd Floor, Wada Building

Aomori NPO Support Center

Aomori City

Aomori Prefecture

030-0801 Japan

PhoneNumber (+81)17-776-9002

Download the application form